Welcome to Project Bubble Sports! Our mission is to introduce and implement an innovative way to sport using bubble balls. This exhilarating experience is a fun way for friends and family to play, compete, and interact with one another while staying fit!

Create your own Project by customizing your session preferences! With the option to create and customize your personalized project, we capture and record your experience from dynamic angles and heights! You will be able to relive your experience through highlights and share with others! Come experience and share your bubble sports adventure!

Play – Select from our list of interactive Game Modes!

Record – Capture the Cinematic moments from dynamic angles and heights!

Share – Share highlights and relive your Bubble Adventure!


Community: Community events encourage teamwork and team building, which is essential for a healthy community. These events differ and are designed based on the type of occasion. Many of these include events such as: Birthday parties, School events, Group Gatherings, Religious Groups, Sporting Teams, Summer Camps, Youth Groups, Fundraisers & more!


Corporate: Corporate events stimulate a better workplace environment, and helps coworkers interact outside of the workplace. These events can be used in many different scenarios and is typically designed for larger groups and professional functions. Many of these include events such as: Company Functions, Corporate Team Bonding, Year-End Parties & more!


Create Your Own: If you have an event, tournament, or any other type of function you would like us to be a part of contact us and let us know! We are constantly looking to cater to different types of events and are always open to ideas. Events are designed and modified specifically for the occasion, we take pride in the events we represent. Find out if Project Bubble Sports can cater to your event or idea and bring your Project to life!



Clareview Park Sports field #3.

Booking Inquiries : (780)-406-9496



    • 1 Hour Session
    • All Game Modes
    • 2 Min. Highlight Video + 20 Photos
    • 10 Bubbles (10-20 Players) – $299 + GST
    • Ages 10 +

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    • 1 Hour Session
    • All Game Modes
    • 8 Bubbles (8-16 Players) – $199 + GST
    • 10 Bubbles (10-20 Players) – $249 + GST
    • Ages 10 +

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    • 30 Minute Session
    • 3 Game Modes
    • 8 Bubbles (8 Players) – $79 + GST
    • 10 Bubbles (10 Players) – $99 + GST
    • Ages 10 +

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Q: Is it Safe to play Bubble Sports?

A: Yes, the bubble protects you from your head to your knees. Two safety straps hold you upright, and there are two handles to hold on to. Enjoy the ride and hang on tight!


Q: Are their time-outs, to go to the bathroom or drink water?

A: Breaks are at the players’ discretion, players must exit the playing field and remove their bubble ball in the safe zone. A break after each game mode is recommended.


Q: What should I wear in order to play?

A: Bring sports clothing and the appropriate running shoes. Spikes and cleats are forbidden for security reasons.


Q: What is the minimum age to play?

A: The minimum age required is 10 years with the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Q: Is the Bubble Clean?

A: All Bubble Balls are cleaned and sanitized after each session; each player has their own bubble ball during their session to maximize cleanliness.


Q: How do I stand up if I have fallen over?

A: Don’t panic, you can easily get up by yourself. Just get on your stomach, and use your knees. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry, we’ll help you!


Q: Are the teams Men/Women only, or are they mixed?

A: It’s your session, this is entirely up to you.


Q: Are their Indoor Bookings available?

A: Yes! We have an indoor location located in St. Albert. Additional fees do apply.